Our Business DNA

Our Business DNA

We believe in cooperative communications solutions– we work hard to leave our project sites better by means of technology, training and community empowerment. Our team has strong ties, experience and history in Africa. We know the full potential the continent has, and feel it is misrepresented. We work alongside our partners to fill infrastructure gaps and invest heavily in training so we can deliver the same level of service in Africa to our customers found anywhere else in the world.

Small and Agile

BringCom’s projects are efficient and timely, adhering to strict SLA standards. All project staff are trained and capable to assist each step of the project, and are adaptable to challenges along the way.

End-to-End Responsibility

Our staff are well-versed in the management, technical and customer support of each project, and are equipped to handle all scenarios with full end-to-end responsibility.

Internal Efficiency

BringCom decisions are made swiftly, with no internal barriers. Our customers don’t have to deal with hand-offs and are always dealt with directly from start to finish.

Cultural Competency

Our staff are multilingual, have business expertise and cultural competency as well as extensive experience in Africa.


BringCom has an aptitude for new solutions, especially when things go wrong. Our patience and perseverance is what allows us to deliver reliable and steadfast communications solutions.