Professional Services


Supplier Management

BringCom’s regimented and professional Supplier Management processes have advanced since service inception in 1992. All local suppliers are fully vetted to ensure capability and quality of service standards demanded by international customers are met.

Partnered suppliers are provided with comprehensive training and support along with standardized project management tools and service methodologies provided by BringCom. We work alongside our partners to fill infrastructure gaps and believe strongly in the potential of local staff and suppliers.

BringCom strengthens supplier relationships further by investing in personal training and staff development, including scholarship funding.


Risk Management

We deliver every service with detailed documentation, including risk assessment and contingency plans for specific orders. BringCom’s staff are able to communicate on a multilingual basis which, alongside our cultural competency built over many years, provides us the agility to adapt rapidly to challenges as they arise. In addition, our close relationships with our suppliers ensure that we are constantly updated on any regulatory, political, and/or environmental changes as they develop.

Together, our risk assessment protocols strengthens our customer service and are key to BringCom’s planning and operational processes.


Customer Service

BringCom’s customer service is supported by our backbone infrastructure including regional hubs in Washington, D.C., London, Nairobi, Djibouti, Kampala and Lagos. We are dedicated to serving customer’s needs and offer 24/7/365 support from our Network Operation Centers (NOCs) based out of BringCom’s Sterling, Virginia, USA headquarters, Ugandan subsidiary, Datanet, Djibouti Teleport and Niger offices. Our dispersed locations ensure customers are met with timely solutions regardless of location and our backup facilities have been instrumental in mitigating disruptions caused by environmental, health and political crises.

Our state of the art troubleshooting software and staff technicians provide help and support to diagnose problems as they arise and solve in a swift manner. All together, with being able to communicate on a multilingual basis with our trusted suppliers, allows BringCom to address and resolve problems quickly and efficiently.