Case Studies

Case Studies

BringCom Case Study Ebola Crisis

Ebola Crisis

The Challenge: Providing connectivity from Ebola hotspot in Liberia to Germany in two weeks during global health crisis

Our Solution: Being vendor-neutral, BringCom selected supplier in Liberia with proven experience, fastest equipment, and service availability. BringCom also escalated directly to the CEO of Tier 1 carrier in Germany to accelerate the installation of the circuit in Europe. End-to-end circuit was installed and tested in two weeks.

BringCom In-Flight Connectivity Services

In-Flight Connectivity Services

The Challenge: Finding a teleport facility in Africa whose performance is capable of handling stringent technical requirements for in-flight connectivity services

Our Solution: BringCom Djibouti Teleport met all technical and operational requirements during a 2-week testing period thanks to its high-performance teleport equipment and facility–generators, security, amplifier and receiver technical performance, link stability, 24×7 local support, and protected long-haul connectivity. To ensure the viability of our solution, BringCom went a step further by testing the customer applications in a real time environment to ensure the efficacy of our services.

BringCom High Speed DIA for Remote West African Camp in Sahel Region

High Speed DIA for Remote West African Camp in Sahel Region

The Challenge: Customer had close to a thousand staff congregated in a small work area and needed a replacement for their internet access services due to regulatory issues.

Our Solution: To stay within budget and avoid loss of service, a satellite solution became the favored choice for delivery speed and reliability. Leveraging supplier relationships previously vetted, the program team gathered, staged, pre-tested and packed the dual equipment set within a month, in anticipation of the need. This ensured a two-week installation and commission when moving the equipment to the end-country upon the go-ahead receipt. Services are running over 99.5% availability well into its second year of operations.

Establishing and operating a Tier 1 NOC in East Africa Case Study

Establishing and operating a Tier 1 NOC in East Africa

The Challenge: Establishing and operating a Tier 1 NOC in East Africa and then teleworking for a Tier 1 NOC during a pandemic.

Our Solution: BringCom established and operates a customer/circuit information database, as well as developed a Tier 1 troubleshooting guide. Cybersecurity best practices as well as a ticketing system were implemented with onsite and remote training. When the pandemic began, and work was remote, BringCom deployed 4G internet access for all remote employees and implemented a VPN solution for remote access to company LAN.

BringCom Pan African Project Management

Pan African Project Management

The Challenge: Aligning customer’s requirements with supplier capabilities for price and delivery of managed Pan African network.

Our Solution: BringCom managed the local loop and backhaul provider’s engineering teams to ensure that the circuit performs within the contracted SLA. BringCom organized and coordinated with local loop provider’s field engineers for access to secure facilities and spaces– while managing vendors to ensure deadlines. Project managers were multilingual and able to communicate efficiently while coordinating with multiple providers in different time zones.