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About BringCom

BringCom Incorporated is a leading Communications Solutions Provider who has built Pan-African networks with its own regional hubs (PoPs) in Washington DC, London, Djibouti, Nairobi, Kampala and Lagos. BringCom has been offering high-quality international and last-mile connectivity solutions since 1992 to enterprise and government customers in the United States, Africa and the Middle East.  BringCom’s agile and reliable end-to-end communications lifecycle is dependent on our core capabilities: Project Management, Risk Management, Customer Experience, Cloud and Connectivity Solutions and Supplier Management. Our proficiency in harmonizing existing capabilities, crucial technologies and systems amongst real world challenges drives our exceptional customer value. BringCom’s reliable solutions are a product of in-depth expertise and awareness of the practical realities in delivering secure and reliable communications in challenging, hard-to-reach environments. What’s more, our Network Operations Center (NOC) provides 24/7 support and services to its customers, accommodating all time zones and varying workdays. BringCom’s quality documentation, customer and project management skills, and adaptable integration delivery uniquely positions us to deliver steadfast and consistent communications solutions

BRINGCOM 24/7 NOC: Our specialty lies in focusing on quality and reliability that exists beyond troubleshooting. Our top-tier engineers are always on-call while supporting our multiple network infrastructure from Africa to the rest of the world. Level 2 and 3 engineers are involved from program management to the implementation of our networks and are well-equipped to handle many technologies at the same time; including fiber, satellite, and microwave. These sophisticated technologies need in-depth familiarity of intricacies and background to expedite troubleshooting— transforming our circuit ‘designers’ into the ‘fixers’ and eliminating any guessing games. We value operating correctly over expansively. Our NOC engineers prioritize education and training; helping our supplier’s engineering teams adhere to the highest operational standards which significantly reduce the need for emergency support. BringCom’s engineer’s expertise, comprehensive knowledge and training allow for a successful NOC operation that is at the heart of the company’s success.

DATANET: On September 1st 2018, BringCom completed the acquisition of Uganda privately owned network service provider, Datanet (www.datanet.ug).  Datanet is at the forefront of the East Africa regional telecommunications industry expanding its MEF CE 2.0 certified network and bringing new corporate services to the market, earning the reputation for providing reliable business-grade networking services to clients who run critical business applications throughout East Africa.  Datanet’s acquisition reflects BringCom’s strategy to expand its pan-African Carrier Ethernet network and global connectivity services.  Datanet also manages BringCom’s SD-WAN and Edge Cloud services in East Africa since July 2019.  BringCom’s SD-WAN platform will improve its ability to support international carriers’ connectivity within Africa and competitively service the requirements of enterprises in the region.


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