Network Security

Sophisticated Security Solutions

Viruses, spyware, malware, and service attacks are constant threats to a company’s network, data and productivity. As these threats continue to grow in sophistication and severity, they can become a major organizational challenge.

BringCom offers multiple solutions that address the entire range of network security issues faced by enterprises and government agencies. From conducting periodic network audits for security vulnerabilities to tracking security breaches, BringCom has the network security expertise to help your business and protect your organization against any disruption. Our service portfolio includes the following:

Intrusion Detection

  • The goal of an Intrusion Detection System (IDS) is to determine the effectiveness of control systems by monitoring for evidence of attacks. An intrusion detection system is often necessary to help control the risks associated with common vulnerabilities such as e-mail borne viruses, infected laptops and human factors.
  • To be effective, an Intrusion Detection System solution requires disciplined processes and expert staff, as well as a carefully configured and tuned monitoring configuration. That’s why so many organizations choose to outsource this vital service.
  • BringCom IDS Services include:
    • Intrusion Detection System Appliance
    • Installation and Tuning
    • 24×7 Monitoring
    • Regular Attack Signature Updates
    • Technical Support
    • 24×7 Reporting

DDoS Defense Systems

Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks can be costly and crippling to any organizational network. BringCom’s DDoS Defense Systems (DDS) are your organization’s first line of defense, delivering the most comprehensive DDoS protection available. Our on-premise DDS capability detects and blocks familiar network-layer flooding attacks, as well as the newer, difficult to detect, low and slow application-layer attacks, which have become attackers’ weapon of choice.

Traditional cloud-based anti-DDoS services are largely ineffective against these application-layer attacks. BringCom’s DDS firewall uses an adaptive, defense algorithm to ensure your network is always up — blocking malicious incoming requests while passing legitimate traffic to the company’s network. Positioned at the network gateway, our DDS protects your existing IT infrastructure — such as firewalls – allowing it to perform as intended.


Secure Access – Local and Mobile

Enterprises and service providers face the difficult challenge of providing location- and device-independent network connectivity that is secure and able to limit resource access to authorized users. Network access breaches and threats continue to spiral, while employees and users increasingly seek to use their own personal smartphones and computing devices to access corporate data, further complicating network security.

BringCom, along with its many partners, is able to provide secure, authenticated access for remote and mobile users from any web-enabled device to corporate resources, anytime, anywhere. BringCom provides secure network access to corporate resources from a broad range of mobile and non-mobile devices, including smartphones, netbooks, notebooks, and Wi-Fi or 3G-enabled devices, with minimal user interaction.

Secure Email and Web

Web Security

BringCom delivers proactive security, application visibility, and control for all users, extending real-time protection and policy enforcement to remote employees. Our deployment flexibility integrates with existing Cisco investments for reduced complexity, allowing you to meet your business and network needs.

Email Security

Our highly parallel content scanning system fights spam, viruses, and blended threats for organizations of all sizes. The system enforces compliance and protects reputation and brand assets while reducing downtime and simplifying administration of corporate mail systems.