Microwave and Wireless (WiFi)

Wi-Fi, WiMax and Point-to-Point Services

Microwave and wireless communications are most suited for areas lacking specific infrastructure or where diverse telecommunications paths are called for. BringCom has accumulated more than ten years of experience engineering, installing, operating and maintaining microwave networks in the US and Africa. The company has deployed and operated large microwave networks in the Northeast region of the United States as well as Wi-Fi/WiMax networks in the Western and Southern regions of Africa. Examples of deployments:

  • Three (3) x DS3’s microwave circuit from Pittsburgh, PA to Clarksburg, MD
  • One (1) x OC1 microwave circuit from Sterling, VA to Martinsburg, WV
  • Wi-Fi network in Ndola, Kitwe and Lusaka (Zambia) for nationwide ISP and in Pointe Noire, Congo
  • 20km WiMax 802.16 link for customer in Iraq